Hello there. I am a software developer. I like creating applications which are challenging and interesting for me.
Welcome to my portfolio page.


I mostly create applications to get more expirience in topics that particularly interest me.


I am always looking for new problems to solve and new technologies to explore.

Stability and Performance

Stability and performance are the main goals of my projects, because as we all know, applications lacking of it are usually make us annoyed.

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Windows Applications


Particular interest: networking, security

Web Development


Particular interest: live multiuser interactions


Preffered envirnoment: AVR

Preffered language: Verilog

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Featured works

DTun4 Tunneling software

Using DTun4 you can create Virtual Network. DTun4 is hosted VPN service designed to allow gamers host their game servers without obligation to have public IP. You can connect to computers within the same network anytime, distance is not a problem. DTun4 connects to remote server to establish connection. After the process is done, each packet you send appears on every computer in your network. You don't have to register or create networks. Just run application and invent name which you will share with friends you want to connect to
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DL Disa's Programming Language

Very easy, esoteric language. DL is turing-complete. Contains several functions and procedures, that allow to do calculations, modify strings and also make other operations. It is allowed to use loops or conditional instructions. Furthermore, DL allows to invoke functions directly from .NET assemblies or manually attached DLLs. DL source is compiled to MSIL EXE, but it can be also interpreted without compiling. It has also dedicated debugger. Visit page to download installer with: interpreter, compiler, debugger, demos. An online judge for online testing programs is also present on the webpage. The system compiles, executes codes and finally tests them with pre-constructed data. Submitted code runs with restrictions. The output of the code will be captured and compared with expected output.
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DisCapture Very fast and easy way to share your screenshots.

Freeware program with a simple interface that allows you to take screenshots. The application is quite small and uses very few CPU and RAM resources. Just start the application and press Capture. You can save it on your hard disk in png format. If you press Upload button then the file is immediately uploaded to dc.disahome.me. Page with your screenshots give people the possibility to comment your screenshot.
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W-O-A Browser strategy game

The players' goal is to fight for glory and power. Everyone can decide their settlements' fate! Beside fighting each other, you can also support local scientists, who can introduce you to the new technology. You can discover historical eras and lead futuristic wars in the far future. Register right now and join the battle!
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Other works

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About me

I am a 20 years old programmer, a huge fan of .NET platform. Currently a student at Warsaw University of Technology. My projects are programmed in, mainly, VB.NET. I've managed to create my own programming language - DL based on .NET platform. I mostly create my application for own research, but I hope some of them might be useful as well. In my humble opinion, DTun4 is my most successful project so far. I try not to copy anyone's work, if there's lack of a program I need, I attempt to create it myself. If you have any ideas concerning the applications then let me know about it via email.

My Applications License

All my applications are distributed as single exe file(without installer) are free for non and commercial usage. All I ask you is to give me credit by including a link to my website.
Applications on my GitHub page contain a License file

My Approach

When a certain topic interests me, I almost immediately want to create something on my own about it.

My goal

I create applications mostly for educational purposes. I hope that these programs might be useful for other people.

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email: lp.ftderpor.liam [ta] spredid

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