Hello there, my name is Karol Janiszewski. I have a large interest in computer science and I like applying my skills to my personal projects. You can review my skills and featured projects here.
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I mostly create stuff to get more experience in fields that particularly interest me.

constantly learning

I like exploring new fields of IT.

up for challenges

I like solving challenging problems and coming up with my own solutions to them.

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familiar with: UDP networking cryptography git Visual Studio VB.NET C#



familiar with: MySQL jQuery Bootstrap Apache phpMyAdmin Cloudflare

familiar with: ISE Vivado Arduino digital electronics


familiar with: Windows Server Debian ssh VestaCP zPanel ftp https dns networking

familiar with: cryptography SSL defense anonymity VPN reverse engineering


familiar with: Windows operating system many common issues

familiar with: common repairs PC architecture PC troubleshooting

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featured projects

DTun4 tunneling software

Using DTun4 you can create a Virtual Network. DTun4 is a hosted VPN service designed to allow gamers host their game servers without obligation to have a public IP. You can connect to computers within the same network anytime, distance is not a problem. DTun4 connects to a remote server to establish the connection. After the process is done, each packet you send appears on every computer in your network. You don't have to register to create networks. Just run application and invent name which you will share with friends you want to connect with
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W-O-A browser strategy game

The players' goal is to fight for glory and power. Everyone can decide their settlements' fate! Beside fighting each other, you can also support local scientists, who can introduce you to the new technology. You can discover historical eras and eventually lead futuristic wars in the far future. Register right now and join the battle!
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other works

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work in progress

automatic-chainsaw a custom 16-bit

Project contains custom written 16-bit RISC CPU, GPU created in Verilog, assembler for the machine code, operating System for Chainsaw, compiler for a subset of C for Chainsaw, simulator for automatic-chainsaw computer
electronics fpga avr arm

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forecaster a live weather forecast displayer

Physical weather forecast displayer powered by arduino and android phone. Currently planned weather conditions are: sunny/cloudy, rain, lightning, temperature display, lunar phase
arduino electronics android

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catamorphism opensource password manager

features: password manager, secure password generator, 2fa manager, website breaches notifications, [optional] cloud syncing, masked email address for each account with redirection
security encyption

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ODC-OpenDriveCrypt opensource disk encryption hardware module

ODC is a concept to make an afforable and easy to setup for everyone hardware opensource disk encryption module
security encryption arm

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about me

middle school

laureate of the provincial competition in computer science


Webdeveloper in OPTeam S.A.

extended matura exam

100% score in Computer Science

start of studies

BEng in Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology

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mail: lp.ftderpor.liam [ta] spredid

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