Receive encrypted data from everyone

Prepare CryptBox

You will get your response there
This information is public


1. Generate your public/private key pair
2. Prapare box - type your email, name the box and your public key
3. Share generated link with person who wants to share confidential data with you
4. You will receive PGP encrypted message to your email
5. Using your private key you can decrypt the message
Never share your private key with anyone

Secure message sharing
No data storage
Based on PGP cryptography
No registration required
Box never expires this is a test service and data
may disappear anytime


Get data safely

No more plaintext sharing of confidential information

Easy to use

Upload your public key and share  special link with the person you want to get response from

No data storage

Server does not know the content of the message, and never stores even its encrypted form

Made for everyone

Sender does not have to know all the technical stuff

Find source on GitHub

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